Catherine with wonderment in her
sweet voice said,
"Vincent, I will never forget the determination of
the Children as they played their instruments,
showing  up all of the elders who felt that they
were not ready to play in the concert!"
Vincent sighed and said,
"Dear Catherine I will never forget how
beautiful you looked that night
in your pale shade of looked
Night-Sky Alcove!
Catherine and Vincent love to come to this
remarkable place
the sky can be viewed through the old
abandoned vent system
of the city. It is a magical
where dreams can come true!
Catherine and Vincent are reminiscing
about some of their past "Dates"!

Catherine asks her Beloved Vincent,
"Oh you remember when we Danced at
my first Winterfest?"
Vincent sighs, and answers,
"Ahh yes...I remember it well!"
Catherine teases Vincent,
"I was going to ask you something else that night,
but with Father listening in, I changed my
question...and asked
if you
Danced instead!"
Vincent lowers his head
and with a deep passionate whisper ponders,
" I shall have to wonder
what you would have asked me..."
"Vincent do you remember when we were able to
walk the streets of New York City, and no one
looked at us twice?"
Vincent nodded and softly said,
"Yes Catherine, that was one of the happiest days
of my life."
Catherine then said,
"Mine too Vincent, and you were a most elegant
tour guide."